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This guy is a scam artist.He sells his hunts on ebay and has no feedback.

Funny how when he stutters he sssssssssays he sells hundreds of hunts. However there is no feedback on ebay in the last year. He took our money for an IOWA hunt for deer and his homeless, toothless guide tried to put us on posted property and we almost got arrested. We never even got to hunt.

I have listed a detailed account on many of the hunting websites.

Just search his name and you will see how many other people he ripped off besides me and my buddy.


Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Continue to tell the world what a con artist he is.........

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Here is another guy part of the 3 complaints i have had over the years.Tony paid for a tresspass hunt and expected a fully guided hunt.

They were going on a $1000tresspass hunt. He never hunted the property just complained about it .

Tony is a police officer and its a shame he trys to make fun of some one for stuttering i wonder how his sargent would feel or the media?Feel free to ask for refrences and talk with the outfitter before booking hunts


Very Mature tony considering you are in law enforcement and making fun of someone stuttering very classy of you.ok here is the real story.

My Father and I hunted with an outfitter in Iowa a both missed monster bucks so the following year i decided to sell hunts for this outfitter.We were charging $2999 for the hunt Tony and his friend said that that was too much money for them to spend and were more interested in a tresspass fee hunt. So i went to the outfitter and asked him if he had a tresspass fee hunt. He told me he didn't because his property was booked with fully guided hunts. So the outfitter gave me his cousins name and told me he had access to many different properties.

So i called Outfitters cousin and he told me he would do these hunts for $1200 per hunter . So I explained to tony the situation and he wanted to go out there. tony sent me $600 per hunter and i made $120 per hunter 10% and sent a wire transaction for the rest to the outfitters cousin. tony and his friend drove to Iowa and met with the outfitters cousin and were disappointed with the property they did not want to hunt it.

I explained to tony i sent a wire transfer to the outfitters cousin and he would be the one to refund you back. Well the outfitters cousin did not want to refund him back because he had property available and tony did not want to hunt it. So i explained to tony that i would refund him what i ever i made on the deal just to make him happy and put the money...

He wanted me to send him the full $1200 amount and threaten to talk bad about me online if i did not. So here we are!! i tried everything i can do to make him happy. I even wanted to give him $600 out of my own money and he said no he wants the full $1200.

Instead of being happy that i am trying to work with him he goes around the internet saying i have a stuttering problem. Real mature tony. feel free to call or ask me questions at 914-606-0781.

And yes tony i do have many happy clients and do book 150+ plus hunts a year but i guess you cant please everyone.feel free to ask me for references i have references from all over the us and Canada.

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